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Indoor Training Facility Usage

SCDBC Indoor Training Facility Rules


  • Usage of the pool is limited to a maximum of 2 hours ONLY per team per day

  • Usually there is a charge per session of $40 for use of the facility (given to whichever person is helping you at the facility

  • Only the following persons have keys/access to the facility and are allowed to monitor practices:

  • The schedule for the Indoor Training Facility is located here

  • Please coordinate with one of the three (3) facility monitors (above) to schedule your practices at the facility. Email us at when your team and the monitor with whom you are working have determined a date/time for your practice

  • There is a special waiver that needs to be completed and signed by each person using the facility. This waiver is different from the "beach" waiver. Please give completed waivers to your practice monitor on the day you use the pool. Waiver is located here.

  • When practicing at the pool facility make sure:

    • Bring water or have paddlers bring their own water

    • No skateboarding in the parking lot

    • There may not be enough of the skinnier pool paddles - have your team members bring their own paddles to practice

    • Bring a towel. You will get really wet - more so than at Mother's Beach. Also, use towels to sit on the edge of the pool to paddle if the boat(s) are full

    • PLEASE LEAVE THE FACILITY CLEAN - make sure the pool area, shower, restrooms, meeting rooms are left in clean condition when you leave

    • PLEASE LEAVE THE BOAT(S) CLEAN - it is your team's responsibility to bail and clean/sponge out the boat(s) when its practice is done

    • Bring your own video equipment if you wish to video. There is a television available to replay, but you need to bring your own cables to connect your camera

    • Make sure you ARRIVE promptly at the start fo your scheduled practice time and EXIT the facility at the end of your scheduled practice time

    • PLEASE KEEP AWAY from the shelving units with the drums, dragon boat heads, and tails, etc. We do NOT want to take the chance of anything falling on someone or having any injuries on the facility property.




































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