2022 Steering Certification 

Updated November 11, 2021

ACTIVE Steers:

Here is the link for the 2022 steering exam:


The manual link is also on the exam.


Passing score is 24/30

Each Active steer "in good standing" will be required to take the online test in order to maintain Active status. Deadline to complete is February 28,2022 to maintain your Active status.

Inactive steers who have not steered within the last two (2) years must take BOTH water test and online test in order to be reinstated/recertified.

New steer certification will include:

  • At least six (6) practices with his/her home team

  • Complete/pass online test

  • Complete/pass water test

We will NOT hold Steering Clinics this year. If you have a new steer needing to get certified, contact one of the certifiers:

  • Iris Dulay

  • Keith Takishita

  • Geoffrey George

  • Steve Kashynski


If you need to re-certify, if you need to learn how to steer, or have any other questions,  contact Iris, Keith or Mary below: 

Thanks! Message sent.

Safety & Steering

SCDBC Steer List as of November 11, 2021: