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2023 Steering Certification 

Updated May 4, 2023

ACTIVE Steers:

Here is the link for the 2023 steering exam:

The manual link is also on the exam.

Passing score is 24/30

Each Active steer "in good standing" will be required to take the online test in order to maintain Active status. Deadline to complete is ---------- to maintain your Active status.

Inactive steers who have not steered within the last two (2) years must take BOTH water test and online test in order to be reinstated/recertified.

New steer certification will include:

  • At least six (6) practices with his/her home team

  • Complete/pass online test

  • Complete/pass water test

If you have a new steer needing to get certified, contact one of the certifiers:

  • Leon Cheng

  • Keith Takishita

Slides are here from the 2022 Safety/Steering Clinic - please share with your teams!


Reporting an incident or accident? Complete the SCDBC Incident Report IMMEDIATELY at 


If you need to re-certify, if you need to learn how to steer, or have any other questions,  contact Keith or Mary below: 

Thanks! Message sent.

Safety & Steering

SCDBC Steer List as of February 20, 2023:

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